Talent Fest Competition 2019 - '20


The cultural competitions are held to bring out the various talents embedded in the students. They are able to showcase their skills in various activities and compete to improve their ability. The following are the various items included to show their excellence.

Category-I (Std I & II)

Category-II (Std III & IV)

1. Speech(Eng, Mal)
2. Story Telling(Eng, Mal)
3. Spelling Marathon
4. Poetry in Action(Eng, Mal, Hin)
5. Drawing and Colouring
6. Flower Prince & Flower Princess
7. Solo
8. Western Dance


1. Story Telling(Eng, Mal, Hin)
2. Recitation(Eng, Mal, Hin)
3. Spelling Marathon
4. Choral Reading
5. Be the Character
6. Best Out of Waste
7. Fashion Show
8. Western Dance



Category-III (Std V,VI & VII)

Category-IV (Std VIII, IX & X)

1. News Reading(Eng, Mal, Hin)
2. Recitation(Eng, Mal, Hin)
3. Story Writting(Eng, Mal, Hin)
4. Drawing & Colouring
5. Listening Comprehensive
6. News Writing
7. Art of Story Telling(Eng)
8. Product Launch
9. Solo with Karaoke
10. T - Shirt Designing
11. Hair Styling
12. Cinematic Dance

1. Recitation(Eng, Mal, Hin)
2. Poetry Writing(Eng, Mal, Hin)
3. Anchoring(Eng, Mal, Hin)
4. Book Illustration(Eng)
5. News Reading(Eng, Mal, Hin)
6. Blog Writing
7. Pros and Cons
8. Translation 
9. The Masked Interview
10. Solo with Karaoke
11. Duet with Karoke
12. Instrumental Music
13. T – Shirt Designing
14. Hair Styling
15. Group Dance
16. Dubsmash(Mal)



Category-V (Std XI & XII)


1. Recitation(Eng, Mal, Hin)
2. Poetry Writing(Eng, Mal, Hin)
3. Book Illustration(Eng)
4. News Reading(Eng, Mal, Hin)
5. Mock Interview
6. Blog writing
7. Translation
8. Choral Recitation
9. Debate
10. Anchoring(Eng, Mal)
11. Product Launch(Eng, MaL)
12. Solo with Karaoke
13. Instrumental Music
14. Face Painting
15. Nail Art
16. Group Dance
17. Dubsmash(Mal)
18. Spot Choreography
19. Live Reporting


All these items are included because the institution intends the participation of all the students whose talents differ. Systematic arrangements for organising the competitions are made in four or five stages. Talented organisers judge the students and the winners are awarded prizes and certificates. The team spirit of the four houses Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire with able House captains shows a lot in the performance of group activities. Children enjoy a week of competitive spirit which enables them to develop their intellectual and cultural skills too.

The competitions are held category-wise and the champions of each category are awarded during the annual function. The management supports all the activities and provides all infrastructural encouragement for the development of the children.