Kindergarten Section

About Our Kindergarten Section

Ding Dong Kindergarten is the place where the tiny tots grow with a sense of self esteem and self worth. It is the first step towards independence and children enjoy learning and experience that learning is fun. Equipped with digital classroom, library and dedicated teachers, Ding Dong Kindergarten assist the children to develop into confident and well balanced adults. The spacious and colourful classrooms maximize their information retention and stimulate participation. The natural play area created inside the class rooms help them experience the lasting delights of childhood. Education approach is based on play way method, practical activities, fine motor development and social interaction. Thus, we aim to assist the children to develop into independent and proficient human beings.


Subjects taught English, Numbers/Maths , Hindi, G.K, Rhymes and Songs. Activity Room - for indoor games
Activity Book of our own More than 75 activities in each class
Nature study 1 hr a week
Reading corner in each class More than 100 books in each class for drawing, colouring, picture reading etc.
LCD classroom Everyday 45 minutes
Library visit 1hr/week
Computer Lab Every Friday 1hr

Assessment of every child made upon continuous and comprehensive evaluation

Monthly visit recreational and educative